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utah mengrib    Munster, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Hi. well I'm looking for someone to share my life with (well hopefully), someone who is honest, genuine who I can have a decent conversation with and a laugh, no game players in anyway shape or for
black people funny moviesKostya    Brighton, England
My hobbies are hiking and camping. Music means alot to me. My favorite bands are Radiohead, Joy Division, The Velevet underground, Interpol and the Grateful Dead.
beautiful black men picturesbudlife    Blue Ball, Ohio
I beleve that every one has some one spichel im a lover of life want to hav a gud life seeking someone to love me and hav fun with I love art drawing watching movies cuddeling holding hands kissing wr
population of minotMAZUSANT    Exeter, England
I am a student, so between work and classes I love to read and watch movies. I like most types of music and I love to listen to some when I go walking

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